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IOPS Consulting Services transform IT possibilities into business outcomes. Our comprehensive portfolio of services uncovers and exploits the unique opportunities made possible by cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. Drawing on our unparalleled expertise and customer experience, we collaborate with your teams to address the technical, people, process and financial considerations for IT transformation to deliver results that are positive, tangible, and material to IT and your business.


IOPS Consulting Services are categorised across the following phases:


  • Part-Time, Ad-Interim & Trusted Advisor – Get a CIO, CTO, a trusted advisor, an Enterprise/Business/Solution Architect resource to better prepare for the digital transformation challenges. 

  • Strategise – Align business and IT objectives; quantify benefits, develop IT strategy, build business cases, manage IT portfolio, 

  • Assess – Identify current and future states; people, process, and platform readiness. Asses implications to the Business and IT Operations

  • Design – Create the solution design, integration plans, and operating procedures

  • Deploy – Implement, integrate, configure, test, and validate the overall solution design

  • Optimise – Analyse and improve the existing environment and transfer best practice knowledge


IOPS Consulting also offers a breadth of education services.

Non-For-Profit organisations are welcome! We can help you with part time, ad interim and trusted advisor services, totally free of charge! To qualify you must be residing in Wallonia, Belgium and have a proper Belgian enterprise number. You can submit your case through the Contact link and we will come back you. 

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