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We are the Architects of tomorrow's IT Landscape

Who We Are

We are a team of Architects. Some of us are Business and IT veterans - been there done that. Whilst others were born in the Cloud and powered by the Cloud. This unique combination provides a holistic view of today's IT Organisations challenges as well a pratical - solution oriented and Business driven - approach to address their concerns and problems

What We Do

We lead IT Organisations transformation from a technology-oriented cost center to a strategic business partner.

We understand that Cloud Computing is a customer-centric business model and we look beyond the technical and technology dichotomy.


We pose the good questions: What opportunities do you have to increase top line revenue for you Business? How will you realise that benefit? Who within your IT Organisation has the skill-set and a passion for business? How will you teach business acumen to your IT people? How will you measure the overall effectiveness? How will you go to market? Etc.


We embrace Agile and DevOps mindset and use them, where it makes sense, to deliver added value to the Business.


We increase value of the IT Organisations through automation and orchestration.


We empower people to increase the value of human capital.

We address processes to align them with the cloud business model.


We drive IT alignment with Business expectations by communicating openly and with honesty.

We evangelise Lean Thinking and rationalise with Six Sigma.


We are the Architects of tomorrow's IT Landscape


We live in Belgium

We work Worldwide

Tel: +32(0)475.218.070

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