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Part-Time & Ad-Interim


Every organization today needs a person who can provide technology direction for the business. Due to the high costs involved, most Small & Medium Businesses don’t have the resources to hire a full-time CIO or CTO to fulfill this role. This results in creating a technology debt for the companies and can hinder their growth. We understand the needs of Small & Medium Businesses and offer part-time CIO or CTO services


IT Transformation

Users now hold their IT Organisations to the same standard as external providers who deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) in a seeamless fashion. But IT Organisations struggle to achieve that standard. To get there, IT Organisations must move away from technology-centric silos to an horizontal, “service-oriented-business-driven” model, because technology is not the key barrier they face—it’s the people, processes, and organizational structures that tend to get in the way.


The planning and delivery of IT services is changing. Pressure from the Business and the users to deliver IT services rapidly, whilst still guaranteeing high level of security and control over company's data are driving companies to reassess their approach to IT provision. However, realising the need for change is just the beginning of the process, the next step is to assess the stage of readiness your IT o

Organisation is at.

Cloud Architect




Project Manager


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